5 Accessories for Long Flights and Layovers



William Carpenter July 13th 2018

Deciding what items to include for travel, whether it’s personal or work, can often be a challenging task. It’s difficult to choose what stays and goes when you have a limited amount of room and also want a nice experience along the way. Many articles spew countless recommendations of the newest gizmos that will guarantee your trip is enjoyable, but deep pockets and deeper carry-on space is usually necessary to follow their advice. Sometimes it's best to keep it simple and these 5 accessories are affordable, small, and easy to find options.  


1) Screen Cleaning Wipes   $5 - $20


You wouldn’t know you needed them until you’re able to keep your technology looking fresh all the time. Airports have large crowds that can often stir up a host of dust and other undesirable debris, so it’s best that the surfaces you are constantly in contact with stay clean. These wipes can usually be bought by the hundreds in small, light containers; an easy and useful addition to any carry-on!


2) Noise Cancelling Headphones $50 - $450




Be able to find your quiet place amidst a loud engine, bustling gate, or anywhere else you may need it! These types of headphones are often designed for air-travel environments. One of the best options available right now is Bose QuietComfort; they also provide exceptional sound quality for a variety of music genres. This is certainly the most expensive member of the list, but you’ll find the pricier options to be exceptional long-term investments, and they can also be put to use at home or in the office. Nevertheless, there are also many affordable options available in the market today.   


3) Waist Pack $10 - $30


Everyone experiences times when they’re rushed and frantically trying not to lose track of their belongings. With a waist pack, you can finally put your mind at ease that some of your most important belongings are safe. Use it to keep your wallet, phone, passport, etc. in close proximity so you don’t have to worry about something slipping out of your pocket or being taken when you’re not paying attention. You’ll have more time to focus on other things and you will also have more space in your carry-on and pockets!


4) Face Wipes $5 - $15


Long flights and layovers are times when you’d appreciate the opportunity to feel clean but don’t have the opportunity to shower. Face wipes will help to quickly ensure you maintain a cleansed feeling for the entirety of your trip. They are great for removing dirt, oil, and makeup and are usually designed to be gentle on soft skin. Similar to screen-cleaning wipes, you can buy in bulk and they are affordable and space efficient.  


5) USB Battery Pack $20 - $100


Planes and airports have done an admirable job providing outlets for charging electronic devices, but relying on them without a backup option can be a risky venture. Having a portable charger juiced and ready at a moment’s notice will ensure your devices will always have enough battery during the span of your travels. You will no longer have to fear missing an important email, taking a long call, or downloading a few movies. These devices come in a variety of sizes for many different types of tech.; all fit comfortably into a carry on, and some can be small enough for your pocket!