“Do you really need to speak with the hiring manager?”

By Erin Kelly


A critical part of our process is speaking to the hiring manager. This might make us different from other headhunting firms, but this is a key factor in our ability to find the right candidate for you, and a huge part of what makes us successful.

Why is this really important? Well, there are a lot of reasons: 

1.     First hand information - we want to hear it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. We want to know the hiring manager’s impressions of the role, what their expectations are, and what they are looking for in a candidate.

2.     No time wasted – the last thing we want to do is take up the valuable time of the hiring manager, and the best way to do that is to speak with this person right from the start. We want to target the search and only present candidates that are going to meet the hiring manager’s expectations. Talking to us for an hour and giving us the right briefing information will save many hours of interviewing the wrong candidates, because you are ensuring that we have the right criteria. The very worst thing we can do is provide a long list of candidates and have none of them make the cut! We want to provide a short list of targeted candidates, so you have an ideal slate of candidates and can pick the best one for your position and company.

3.     Buy-in from the hiring manager - we are all aligned on the search and we are all interested in identifying the perfect candidate for the position. A hiring manager that is willing to dedicate their time is a hiring manager that wants to find the right candidate… and let’s remember that your success is our success!

It is all about creating the right partnership from the beginning, help us so that we can help you!

 So the next time you ask your headhunting firm, “Do you really need to speak with the hiring manager?” The answer is yes!