Transparency in Recruiting

By Nancy Wu

When a recruiting firm handles a large volume of clients and candidates, giving candidates feedback (especially bad news) can fall on the back-burner. However, we believe that honesty and transparency is a better policy than trying to cushion the blow by obscuring information.

Our goal when working with candidates is collaborative and cooperative decision-making; we want to find the best candidates for the job, but we also want to make sure that it is the best career option for the candidate. Many times, when we contact a potential candidate, we will tell them upfront that they are too senior or too junior for what we are looking for. On the other hand, some recruiting firms will send candidates even though they are the wrong level or have inadequate experience, just to show their client that they have a large bank of candidates to draw from and to make themselves look more capable. We believe that this is a waste of time and effort; the candidates will have to be rejected later, and the client will not fill their vacancy and the candidates will have potentially got their hopes up for no reason. Instead, we prefer to send a fewer number of specifically targeted candidates, ensuring that they are high-quality and suitable for our client.

When working with clients, we prioritize their needs and keep their requests in mind, even if it means putting in more work on our end. For example, a candidate we recently worked with had great skills and experience, and interviewed very well with us. She seemed high-energy, willing to take on new challenges, and very expert in her field. We decided to send her profile to our client after screening her, and set up an interview for the following week at our client’s request. However, during our preparatory phone call, it became apparent that she had not done her research on the company, wasn’t particularly motivated to work for our client and was just interested in the position for a financial gain. Though she was good on paper and originally interviewed well, she was not suitable for our client. We then contacted our client and warned them about the potential issue and but they decided to conduct the interview regardless, but to give us feedback afterward ASAP. Though there was no second interview, our client appreciated our honesty and proactivity. Our candidate, though disappointed, thanked us for the opportunity and agreed that she would have been the wrong fit for the company.

We find that running our company in a conscientious and transparent manner is the best way to keep clients and candidates happy. We want to offer true value for all parties, and we believe that can be accomplished by being completely accurate and transparent about our functions and services.

If you have any questions about how we operate, please do not hesitate to contact us.