How to Deal with a Micromanaging Boss

Written By Fritz Hillegas

Having a boss who is involved in your work and who gives feedback can be a really great thing. While it can really improve the quality of work that you do in the workplace, this constructive criticism and management can be taken to the extreme. I’m sure most of you have had a boss at one point or another who likes to be a little too involved in everything you work on. Here are a few tips how to deal with a micromanaging boss.


The most important aspect of working with a boss who likes to micromanage is the level of trust that you have with them. A lot of the time, this kind of attention to detail stems from personal perfectionism--it may have nothing to do with you; that being said, building up a relationship of trust with your boss can help to alleviate some of their worries. If they have faith in your quality of work and your work ethic, it can decrease the need they feel to check everything that you’re working on.

Don’t resist

Even though it can sometimes get bothersome when your boss is always looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re doing good work, matters will only get worse if you fight against their behavior. Resisting can make it seem as if you’re trying to hide something for them and it can even make it so that they try to control you even more.

Be Proactive

Ensure that you make a concerted effort to understand what your boss expects from you. If you ask targeted questions that makes it clear you know what you’re doing, but that leave room for your boss to make minor suggestions, it can really help to improve your working relationship. Also, if you complete tasks ahead of time and have an ambitious attitude it can improve your bosses overall impression of your work ethic.

While a micromanaging boss can be quite overbearing at times, if you follow this list of tips it will help you to both have a good relationship with them, and make your experience in the workplace more positive.