Why Moving Away From the Big Names Makes Sense

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Written by Andrew Slade

What are the advantages of a boutique search firm, and why are so many large companies choosing to partner with them over the more traditional executive search firms?

Compared to large search firms, we work with fewer clients and only engage on searches we can realistically fill. Large companies are starting to realize that the most important part in choosing an executive search partner is the people actually doing the search rather than just the firm name behind them. Our greatest advantage is our small team, comprised of elite recruiters with many years of dedicated experience. We deal directly with both clients and candidates, rather than relying on entry level recruiters conducting the search through a data base. This way, our team is able to effectively build strong relationships and actively source passive talent (those not necessarily looking to change roles) in order to find our clients the best candidates in the market.

Additionally, we are able to place top-quality candidates much faster than traditional retainer firms. We can more easily prioritize our clients and allow them to communicate directly with our recruiters in order to find the right candidate for their specific needs. This approach has generated a 100% retention rate on all of our placements.

And while most big name search firms charge a minimum retainer fee with a 33% fee on first year compensation, most boutique search firms operate on a contingency basis. For example, we only charge our clients if we successfully fill the position we are assigned to.

Our business is founded on strong relationships that reflect our boutique approach to recruitment. Our goal is to create valuable partnerships and to uphold our reputation of excellence based upon customer satisfaction, which ultimately contributes to the success of everyone involved.