Can a Robot Find You a Job?

Written By Fritz Hillegas

In the modernity of the world we live in today, where companies want to drive down costs, and where people are competing not only with an increasing number of other people, but also with technology, the future can seem worrying. Even within the realm of the headhunting industry, automatization seems like a real threat to recruitment jobs in the future. However, this kind of technology is precisely why boutique executive recruitment firms, such as Accelerate, are so important (1).

Individual Focus, and Relational Understanding

Executive recruitment is an industry that relies heavily on cultural, linguistic and social factors in order to operate properly. One of the most important functions of a search firm starts with the initial fielding of candidates. Candidates are individually selected through a careful screening process to ensure that they not only have the necessary skills on paper, but also are able to demonstrate and explain those skills in person (2). Once a list of candidates is selected from the initial search, the next important function of the executive recruitment firm becomes clear.

The Needs of the Candidate and the Client

There is an important preparation process that takes place before any interview takes place between a potential candidate and a company. A successful recruiter will be able to have a conversation with a candidate about their skills and experience to make sure they’re what the company is looking for, while at the same time are making sure the candidate is interested and excited about the position. Additionally, candidates should be prepared so that they know how to best present themselves to the potential employer. A recruitment firm knows what the client is looking for and knows the candidate’s strengths—therefore the firm will help the candidate to stand out above the rest. A computer with even the most advanced software can in no way give the individualized attention required to both the client and the candidate nor can it perform the complex social processes required to understand their needs and wants.

Executive Recruitment and the Future of Our Business

Are we worried about the future of technology? No. But, we’re here to ensure that you’re best prepared to tackle the job market of the future, and that our clients will continue to receive top notch talent.