Our Fee Structure vs Traditional Firms’ Fees

Written By Stephen Cornwell

The traditional headhunting fee structure is ⅓ up front, ⅓ for initial candidates, and the final ⅓ when a candidate is placed.  With this system, companies can earn ⅔ of the total possible profit without even placing a candidate.  The company’s motivation to continue searching to find the perfect candidate is greatly reduced.  If the initial selection of candidates is not what you had in mind, the company can claim they have exhausted the market, leaving you with the position unfilled despite a significant financial investment.

In contrast, Accelerate only charges a fee when a candidate is successfully placed.  Not only does this ensure that the client is not taking any risk, but it also fully aligns the interest of our firm with our client’s interest.  We are just as passionate about filling each opening as the company is.  This alignment of interest fosters the close relationship we develop with each client.  

After interviewing initial candidates, our clients often identify new criteria that they need the successful applicant to meet. We are then able to refine and better focus our search.  We continue this process of feedback, communication, and refinement until we finally find the perfect fit for the position.

Additionally, we guarantee to replace any candidate who leaves within 12 months, creating a truly zero risk situation for our client.  If this sounds appealing, please contact us.