Social Media, It’s More Important Than You Think

Written By Andrew Slade

According to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, 84% of companies report using social media to recruit job candidates. While that number might seem high, it’s easy to see why. Imagine you need to find an experienced candidate within your budget but have neither the resources nor the experience of a professional recruiter. Why not utilize free social media platforms with access to hundreds of thousands of working professionals?

Not only can social media make the recruitment process easier for the employer, but it also allows them to see past a job seeker’s CV or resume. Don't think they’re only using LinkedIn. Last year, conducted a survey asking 2,000+ hiring managers and HR professionals why they incorporate social media into their hiring process. Here were a few major takeaways:

1) 65% said they check social media to see if a candidate presents himself or herself professionally.

2) About half used social media to gauge whether a job candidate would fit well into the company culture.

3) Over one third admitted to having turned down a job candidate due to content posted on his or her social media profiles.

Moral of the story: if you choose to share content publicly, make sure it’s working to your advantage. So what can you do to leverage recruiters’ social presence?

Make sure it’s clean. Basically, just use common sense. If employers are trying to get a good feel for your personality, make sure you’re providing them with positive material. Moreover, avoid posting controversial or potentially offensive material.

Increase your visibility. Be active on social media. Facebook might have once served as an idle distraction, but it’s now being utilized as a space for amazing potential. Don’t miss out on the opportunity!