How to Prepare for an Interview

Written By Stephen Cornwell

From CEOs to interns, everyone needs to prepare before an interview. It will not matter if you are the most qualified candidate if you are not able to effectively convey that fact during the interview. No matter how many interviews you have done, completing the following three tasks is essential.

1. Research the Company

The first step is always to familiarize yourself with the company you are interviewing with.  You will almost certainly be asked why you are interested in the position, and if you are knowledgeable about the organization, you will be able to formulate a specific and detailed answer. Demonstrating knowledge of the company shows genuine interest and will help you stand out as a candidate.

2. Understand What They are Looking For

Once you are familiar with the company, it is important to review the job description and any other materials you have been sent about the position.  Try to identify the most important requirements for the role. Interviews are a limited amount of time, so it is important to focus on the most relevant aspects of your experience and qualifications.

3. Think of Examples

After identifying the most important requirements for the position, spend some time thinking of examples to use in your answers.  Good examples are one key to standing out in an interview.  Instead of just stating that you have strong leadership skills, discuss your past experience leading a team and how you were able to accomplish something.  Being able to identify how you have added value to your company in the past will make you an attractive candidate and show what you are capable of.