Don't Leave A Candidate Waiting

By Orla Treacy


I truly believe in providing feedback and communicating regularly with all candidates in the process. I reply to every email I receive and enjoy keeping on top of my correspondence. I imagine being in a process, investing energy, getting my hopes up and then imagine never hearing back from the recruiter – it seems horrible, almost like being stood up on a date.

I have worked with and for firms that believe it is a waste of time getting back to people with negative feedback. I fundamentally disagree with this for a number of reasons; firstly, it is unfair on the candidate as they may sit in limbo for eternity, and secondly it is unprofessional and can damage your reputation. I see all candidates I interact with as future potential clients as I don’t know where these people will go in their careers or what future recruitment needs they may have. There are both ethical and commercial reasons to provide all candidates, even those being declined by the clients, with clear feedback as soon as it is provided.

I highly value the candidate and client experience; it allows strong relationships to grow between parties. Working on a success-only basis, meaning our clients don’t pay us anything unless they hire a candidate we introduce to them, enhances the need to have a good reputation, provide an excellent service and keep all parties happy. It is also far more pleasant to work with people who enjoy hearing from you, consider you reliable and efficient, and who trust your service.