Complimenting Your Work Day With Podcasts


Written by Will Carpenter

November 16 2018

Podcasts are a simple and fun way to spice up any free time you might have during the week, whether that is a daily commute, lunch break, or just late-night relaxation. Even for a few minutes, it’s a great opportunity to help you learn, laugh, lament or just live a little bit more.  The internet is currently riddled with subjects that will surely cover any and all preferences you might have. Chomping at the bit? Take a look at these five quality podcast selections below, they are a great spread for both first-time listeners and those looking for something new!


1) The Memory Palace


A fantastic option if you are looking for spontaneous variety and short length. Created in 2008 and run by Nate DiMeo, Memory Palace has created roughly 100 podcasts thus far that encompasses storytelling and historical narratives. Each episode ranges from 3 - 20 min (


2) Imaginary Worlds


A perfect choice if you are interested in sci-fi related topics. Organized by Eric Molinsky, Imaginary Worlds releases new material twice every week and has roughly 50 episodes available currently ranging from 10 - 40 min (


3) Lore

This critically renowned option is for those who are in the mood to be a little frightened. Lore focuses on ‘true life scary stories,’ releasing new episodes once every two weeks. With almost 100 episodes available, ranging from 20-50 min, there is enough to keep you on the edge of your seat for quite a while (

4) This American Life

Another sublime choice if you are in search of variety. Hosted by Ira Glass, This American Life strives to focus on entertaining material with people and their lives as the central theme. Approximately 650 episodes are available, ranging from 10 - 60 min (


5) You Must Remember This


An excellent choice if you like any or all of the following: Hollywood, mystery, drama and history. Organized and run by Karina Longworth, You Must Remember This focuses on unearthing and sharing the hidden secrets of Hollywood’s first centuries. You’ll find about 125 episodes available that are usually about 60 min long.  (