Don’t Let Energy Levels Determine Workplace Satisfaction


Written by Philip Cornell

July 23rd

If you love what you do, you will achieve more at your job. Plain and simple. Without this first step of choosing a job that you like, it is near impossible to remain happy with your work life. Sometimes though, the job that you have always loved is getting monotonous, or it doesn’t matter whether you like your job, you have so little energy to devote to it that it is becoming a burden anyway. Something that really might help you to keep up motivation for work is just keeping your overall energy levels high. This article gives 5 simple tricks to help you do this, so you continue to have the energy to devote time towards your work.

              First, the day starts with breakfast, and a filling breakfast helps every time. In the USA, the breakfast is usually fairly large, and most everybody recognizes the montra that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even if they do not follow it. When travelling abroad, it is pretty common to have just one piece of toast. So by midmorning I am exhausted! This was not the case when I was at school, even though I got less sleep. Having a nice mix of carbs, protein, and healthy fats will not only keep your stomach from rumbling, but will also keep you energized to get through the first half of the day. An example would be eggs (with yolks) and toast, or Greek yogurt and cereal. There is also a myriad of shakes that you can make yourself to sip on all morning if you have trouble making the time for breakfast.

              Second, stay active throughout the day. Physical movement helps so much to stay alert. This doesn’t have to be exercise, and unless you want to be “that guy” I wouldn’t drop to the floor to do pushups every ten minutes. Rather, go get a glass of water from an upstairs lounge, or print something out to a printer down the hall. Anything to get you out of your chair and moving just a little bit. Worst case scenario, just walk to the other side of the office and chat with a colleague for a little bit. Interaction will also raise energy levels, so this should help in more ways than one.

              Last, and maybe most importantly is to stay hydrated. Not only is this key for energy levels, but also key for total overall health. Hydration is especially necessary when you are feeling tires, because more often than not you had to drink a couple cups of coffee to get a temporary wakeup call that morning. As a natural diuretic, this then accelerates the dehydration process. To make up for this, a good trick is to have one cup of water for every cup of coffee in the morning. This will make sure that your body is properly energized and you are properly hydrated.

              Sometimes you are too tired to enjoy anything. But in work, not only can this effect your mood, but it will also affect your performance. So simply, just stay energized and this won’t be a problem. Hopefully with these three tips you can stay invigorated and keep doing your best work.