How to Not Lose Time Looking: Organizational Tips for the Office


Written by Phil Cornell

October 29th 2018

It is set to be a busy day at work. You have meetings all morning and then afternoon you have booked to make a presentation for tomorrow’s briefing. By the time that you have finished all of your meetings, you have so much information cluttered in your brain, but you sit down to start preparing the presentation. Where did you put your reports and stats that you were supposed to present though? It seems that all that can fit in your brain is the information covered in the morning meetings. By the time that you find all of the info that you need, ¾ of the afternoon is passed. You end up staying into the night working. All of this could have been avoided if you could have just been a bit organized. Organization not only prevents lost time like this, but it frees up time for other things, so that you can really excel at your job. It is tough to start good organization habits, but here are some tricks to help.


First, utilize the technology of the modern world. There are countless apps that you can download today for free that will help you keep track of both your schedule and important information. A great app that is really useful for work is Evernote. This app allows you to keep your notes for different projects in different folders, like most apps. But a key differentiation feature is the fact that you can record the meeting and store the recording in the meeting file, which allows you to stay present while in the meeting, but easily look up details that you might need later. Another great app is HabitList, which helps you stick to healthy habits that you want to begin. Whether these habits be checking your email at a certain time, or having an extra glass of water, don’t let them clutter your brain-let the app do it for you. There is a myriad of apps that can help you stay organized, so try looking up a couple and really utilize the technology. [1]

A second easy way to stay organized is through a calendar, but also through a scheduling app that lets people book times to schedule meetings, but makes sure that the times do not overlap. You can connect one of these booking sites to your calendar. With this, you will never have to worry about double booking a meeting time or forgetting about a meeting, because the site also reminds you (as well as the person whom the meeting is with, so you don’t waste your time on a no-show). An example of a booking website is Calendly, but there are also a good number of these that you can test out to see which ones that you prefer. Here is a blog with all of the options :

Last, in a more physical manner, put it in your schedule every week to clean your desk. Usually for me I do this on Friday before I leave, so that I never have to come in on Monday to a messy desk. The first couple of weeks will be laborious, but soon you will realize that the best way to avoid this annoying task is just by keeping your desk clean at all times. This will indefinitely help you stay organized, and is a great habit to fall into.

With these three tips, you will definitely become a more productive worker. Not only this, but stress levels will be lower and you will have more free time to focus on things that you actually enjoy, because nobody likes looking for things while they are on a deadline.