Leading the Office: Skills to Maximize Success as a Boss


September 17th 2018

Written by Tess D’Orsi


Being a leader in any circumstance is rewarding in and of itself, however the role comes with its challenges. Managing a team can be difficult, as one needs to balance garnishing respect and power while maintaining friendly relations with those around you. Becoming such a leader capable of this balance will come only with dedicated time and energy to improving leadership skills. Consider these strategies to improve your skills to foster a reputable environment between you and your coworkers:


Build Trust

Like any relationship, trust is foundational to ensure stability. Building trust with those you work with will have positive influence over the office’s communication as well as employee engagement and performance. This trust can be established in a variety of ways including practicing honesty, reliability, and empathy. By establishing trust and confidence in coworkers, you will in turn be rewarded with employees who respect you and are incentivized to work hard.


Become a Source of Inspiration

Displaying your own commitment and passion to the work you do will go a long way in influencing others to do the same. Be transparent about your visions for the office and the company; allow your coworkers to recognize that they are partaking in something great. Continue to acknowledge both company successes as well as individual triumphs of those working around you in order to reinforce their efforts and inspire them to continue with their work ethic.


Allow for Individuality in the Office

Nobody likes a micromanager. Allow for your coworkers to learn while you oversee their growth from a far. Create an atmosphere in which coworkers feel comfortable managing responsibilities on their own and are able to let their own talents excel and make use of their individual capabilities. Additionally, workers should be able to express themselves without fear of retribution in order to be happiest while working.


Be Open to Feedback

Accepting that perfection is unattainable is necessary in allowing yourself to grow as a leader. Encouraging honest communication is critical in receiving and accepting feedback. While having in person conversations with coworkers asking for feedback may feel uncomfortable for both parties, anonymous surveys or questionnaires could be a more welcoming alternative. Such feedback should not be viewed as criticism, but rather as dialogue prompting improvement.


A good leader is the key to success of any unit; Apply these tactics in the office to ensure you are the best one you can be!