Moving Up vs. Moving On: Choosing between a promotion and an offer from a different company


Written By Philip Cornell

July 6, 2018

Although sometimes it seems like it would be too good to be true, workers often have to choose between accepting a promotion and moving to a different company. So what factors should you consider in this decision? Should you move up or move on?

First, is the time right for you to change at all? Before you switch a job, you want to make sure that you have accomplished everything that you set out to accomplish in the job that you currently have. This might seem tedious especially if another job appears very interesting, but it is important for career development for you to actually reach the goals that you set for yourself before you move on.

Next, you have the decision to stay with the company that you are working for or to move on. First, if you are even considering moving companies, you probably don’t like something about the company that you are currently working for. So you need to ask yourself if this thing would change, or the impact would become lessened if you were to move up in the company. For example, if the whole reason you don’t like working for the company is because you don’t have enough responsibility, then this will most likely change if you are moving up in the company. But, if you don’t like the location, or the environment of the office, then this probably won’t change-regardless of the level of the company in which you work.

But, before you switch roles, remember that the grass is not always greener on the other side. A lot of businesses have the same problems, or another business might have problems that make the inconveniences at your business look quite minor. Make sure that you do thorough research into the company more than just what the hiring manager is telling you about it. Talk to current employees, and definitely visit the office in person before leaving your current role. Also make sure that you think long term. Once you join the new company, is there more opportunity for advancement, or can you learn more skills that would advance your career? Make sure that you don’t make spur of the moment decisions because of temporary problems with your current job. The last thing that you want to do is take one step forward only to have to take two steps back in a couple of years.

Once you have considered all of these factors, you will be ready for the decision. Make it with confidence. Remember, if you are in the position to choose between a promotion and an opportunity with a new company, then you are certainly capable and will excel in either role.