We are pleased to offer the following services:

We are an international executive recruitment firm assisting our clients with hiring top candidates in the market. We are a global search provider, meaning we can source talent all over the world, regardless of the industry sector, function or location. We approach all of our searches using a direct head-hunting model, we do not advertise our vacancies, we directly contact targeted candidates in accordance with a briefing call with the line manager.

We offer a number of competitive advantages because we operate faster and more effectively than our main competitors, and offer a unique and modern approach to a traditional industry. We also work on a success-fee only basis, which means that unless our client hires their chosen candidate, we do not charge a fee. We have found that this aligns our objectives with our clients and has allowed us to create strong and successful partnerships with mainly MNCs and many SMEs around the world.

Approximately 50% of the positions we engage on are highly confidential, meaning the incumbent is unaware the replacement is taking place. We are experts in handling confidential searches as we do not advertise our vacancies. We have a strong track record in directly head-hunting candidates and successfully attracting them to a position without mentioning the company name. Together with our clients, we manage interview organization and logistics while maintaining confidentiality. We understand the sensitivity surrounding these cases and have a strong track record in managing them.


We offer a consulting service to our clients, who are typically Fortune 500 organizations, regarding their approaches to searching for candidates. There are often a variety of unexplored options when looking for candidates in the market, such as the use of social media, the use of technology and search techniques, the use of advertising and marketing, the use of networking, etc. We advice our clients on what suits their situation best and assist with maximizing results from the chosen method. As a result of our ‘no fill, no fee’ policy when conducting searches, we understand the objectives and goals of our clients’ internal HR, Recruitment and Talent Acquisition teams and can offer valuable market insights to these teams to ensure successful outcomes.


We individually prepare candidates for their interviews and provide additional feedback throughout the process. We understand the value of regular feedback and communication for candidates and strive to be market leaders in this area. An interview preparation creates an open forum to discuss interview techniques and practice responses to difficult questions that might arise during the course of a conversation with our client. While we recognize that most of our candidates have gone through many interviews throughout their careers and also regularly interview candidates for their own teams, we are able to offer valuable information specifically about the position they are interviewing for as well as what the interviewer will be looking for and we constantly get excellent feedback from our candidates on this service.


We offer advice and consultations to executives who are actively looking to make a move but are unsure how to go about doing so. We have excellent experience in assisting candidates find their next step and prepare for interviews with their target organizations. Many candidates who are actively looking, but are at an executive level in their current roles, may not have been in the external market for many years. We can provide solid advice as to how to apply for roles, prepare profiles / CVs and approach processes, how to deal with Talent Acquisition teams, interviewers and hiring managers and how to perform in the various interview stages. We also coach candidates around offer negotiation, providing benchmarks of salary packages in the market, and ensuring they join their new organization with the desired and attractive compensation package.


We offer our clients valuable market information through our talent mapping service. When we share our talent maps with our clients, we do not just share the names, titles and employer details of potential candidates as this information may be immediately out of date, the candidates may not be interested in joining our client, they may be too expensive for our client's budget, they may be unsuitable for a variety or reasons or they may simply not be interested in making a career move at the time their details are shared. The majority of firms offering talent mapping services in the market today do not consider these variables and clients therefore pay substantially for information that may not be of any use to them.

Due to the fact that we do not rely on a database and have the ability to engage talent on a global basis, even when engaging on talent mapping assignments we identify and contact top profiles who are interested in potentially joining our client for the right opportunity. A talent map may include candidates’ names, titles, employers, and contact details or can be further developed to include CVs, compensation details and interview information. We design our talent maps to meet the needs of our clients taking into consideration what the information will be used for. Our talent maps contain live, useful and valuable information that can be used by our clients to source new candidates for their organizations.

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