Simple Ways to Stay Fit While at Work


Written by Will Carpenter

November 26 2018

There’s no need to wait until you’re in the gym to get the exercise you desire! Supplement your time spent in the office with some physical activity and you could be well on your way to taking your fitness and productivity to the next level. Take a look at this list of simple workouts that cover the entire body, require minimal space, and are completely cost free!   


Calf Raises


Great for those striving for nicely toned lower legs. A plus is that they can be done in almost any type of office dress (except maybe heels!). Focus on elevating yourself on the front sole of your foot to a comfortable height where you feel a contraction in your calf muscles, but not too far that you are off balance. Start with sets of 10 and add or subtract to according to what feels right for you.


Back Squats


A classic that covers your legs, glutes, abdomen, and lower back. To perform these to the fullest extent, your choice of lower body garb will need to be flexible / roomy. Adding a chair behind you to touch when going down is a good option for additional safety. Start with sets of 5 and modify from there. And if you are feeling particularly adventurous, take a look at One-Legged Back Squats; a much more challenging movement that is not recommended unless you are already experienced with traditional back squats.




A great choice to be done in tandem with back-squats, but its works on its own too! Step forward so that your knee is directly above your foot and make sure your front leg is bending to a 90-degree angle. Start with sets of 10, 5 on each leg, and adjust accordingly.


Push Ups


An excellent option for those looking to work on arms, shoulders, and chest. They can be done in normal fashion on the ground, but if you are lacking space or don’t want to use the ground, you can perform a modified, inclined version using the edge of a desk or table. Have your hands at slightly outside shoulder width and at chest level, then go down such that your arms form a 90-degree angle. Difficulty can vary greatly from person to person, so it’s best to start with 1 and then decide what would be the right challenge for you.




Another exercise that will help you work arms, shoulders, and chest. You will need an edged surface for your arms and then you will dip down until your arms reach 90 degrees. Its best to feel your triceps and shoulders work the hardest, that is a good indicator you have correct form. Similar to push-ups, start with 1 rep to determine how difficult it is for you and then adjust accordingly.  




An extremely popular choice that concentrates on abdomen and lower back, but it can also help to condition your shoulders and upper back. Forming a straight line from your head to head is the desirable form, try to keep your back from arching or dipping. The two most popular ways to prop up your body is with either bent arms (forearms touching the ground) or in a fully extended push-up position (only hands touching the ground). Try sets of 30 secs. and adjust from there.   


Jumping Jacks


Perfect for anyone looking to get a full body, cardio-rich workout. Before starting, do a quick check of the space you have available to ensure that your arms won’t accidently hit anything while you are moving. Start with sets of 30 sec. and modify to what feels right for you.


Hopefully this is what you needed to get after being a little more productive physically and mentally in the workplace (kill two birds with one stone!). Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to fellow coworkers who might also want to participate; having others around can be a fantastic way to motivate yourself to work harder. Lastly, be creative when organizing your workouts and trying new things, but always remember to put safety first. Best of luck!!