Why the Best Recruiters Save You Money

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Written By Andrew Slade

When you’re trying to balance your regular work with reviewing applications, interviewing, and hiring, all by yourself, it’s no surprise that important matters get pushed aside. So why wouldn’t you work with a recruiter and save yourself the time and trouble? Because it’s too expensive and more cost-effective to do it yourself... right? Wrong. Recruitment firms are actually an extremely valuable asset for many employers and make up a $35-billion-dollar industry. They specialize in maximizing their clients’ hiring efficiency while cutting down costs. If you’re still not convinced, here are 3 reasons why partnering with expert recruiters is a smart investment:

1. It saves you time

Everyone knows the oldest business saying of them all: “time is money.” And that is exactly why you cannot afford to not hire a recruiter. Think about everything that the search process actually requires: drafting up a job description, finding the right industry channels to distribute it among and advertise in, sifting through CVs, screening and interviewing candidates, and sorting through hundreds of emails and dealing with the many other time-consuming tasks involved in the recruiting process… all the while unsure if you have found a suitable candidate. By outsourcing all of this work to professionals who specialize in swift, effective recruitment, you can not only fill the role more quickly—giving the new employee a head start on their new job and saving the company money—but you can also maintain progress on your own job responsibilities in order to reach company goals and objectives.

2. Gain access to hard-to-find, top-quality talent

More often than not, the best candidates for a role are those not actively looking. The best recruiters will constantly have their their fingers twirling in the pools of various professional networks so that they always know who the best candidates are and how to effectively approach them. Please remember, recruiting is their profession! Not only will they have access to top-quality talent, but they’re experts in selling these new career opportunities to high caliber candidates.

3. Avoid costly mistakes

Outsourcing the hiring process to expert recruiters, rather than handling everything internally, will almost always result in a more qualified candidate in a shorter period of time. But let’s say you have no other option but to fill the role on your own. According to Oxford Economics, it takes almost 28 weeks for a new employee reach his or her full potential. And with the average cost of replacing an employee estimated to be $40,000, finding out that your candidate is a poor fit 10 weeks after filling the role—causing you to repeat the search—could result in crippling and unnecessary losses.

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